on friendship

“While my oldest friends know who I’ve been, my new friends help me understand who I’m becoming.”

Today I am grateful for great writers who can articulate the truth and struggle that is  adult friendship.

Today I am grateful for the friends I have found here in California; for the old friend who somehow listened when I told her to move here with me; for the new friend who brought me cookies to cheer me up this weekend; for the childhood friends back home/all over the country who are ever-planning our next reunion trip. We are all so blessed.

Today I am grateful that I got one last glorious Saturday breakfast in before driving one of those new friends to the airport as she moves across the country.  We were given two wonderful years of goofing off at work, searching for decent brunch options, and sharing cat gifs. Now we’ve got big letter writing dreams and reunion goals in the summer. We are blessed.

Adult friendship is tough, but we are tougher.


P.S. I wrote this over a year ago and since then, that friend has since moved back to the bay area and now lives a five minute walk away from me. Today I am grateful for jobs that kind of suck and make you want to move back home. #superblessed

P.P.S. make new friends, but the keep the old // one is silver and the other gold // a circle’s round, it has no end // that’s how long I’m gonna be your friend // #1724forlife